All People – Of You

I was impressed how much this track made me think of ee/Korea Girl. Enough so that I double checked that Tobin Mori wasn’t in All People.

If you like this, I recommend checking out the rest of the album. It’s a nice blend of emo with music inspired by ee, Built to Spill, and i’m not even sure what. But it’s good.

Advance Base – Summer Music

Owen Ashworth, of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone fame, has a live album for his current project Advance Base coming out later this summer. Here is a sneak peak of Summer Music. Because it’s summer I presume.

Mecca Normal – Invisible Girl / Incredible

Sorry for the quiet. Here and there I will disappear for bursts into the life that I live. Mecca Normal is one of my all time favorite bands. Politically and poetically inspirational and writing music for 30 years plus now. And here is a glimpse of them from a practice recording two new songs. The first track reminds me a bit of something off of Water Cuts My Hands while the latter makes me think of something off of Who Shot Elvis?

Hopefully you enjoyed that. I found it mesmerizing. More from me soon(ish)…

6/6/16: isotria blaring – 10pm to midnight

when there are bikes on the street, horns on the sidewalks, orchids in the woods, and noise everywhere else. that is isotria blaring. every monday at 10pm, only on wrct pittsburgh.

I’m on the air. Listen in at 88.3 FM in Pittsburgh. Or stream it here. You can follow along to the music via the WRCT website or using the playlist below.

Rancho Relaxo – If You Want To

I’m intrigued by this band’s music, but i’m also completely distracted by the idea that a Norwegian band is named in Spanglish. Does that seem as weird and awesome to everyone else? Well, probably not of much importance.

Rancho Relaxo is a bit shoegaze, a bit indie rock. This song actually calls back a bit of Roger Waters’ era Pink Floyd in my mind. This is off of their 2015 LP “White Light Fever”. I recommend listening to more when you have the time. It is in fact well worth your time.