Game of Thrones

I rebelled against the tv later. And then un-rebelled. I’ve always been a big tv watched. There is probably some correlation between my desire to watch a lot of tv and my having been voted shyest in my class in the eighth grade. Which caused which isn’t as important as the clear correlation itself. And also not at all a surprise I did a lot of reading as a kid.

I do less reading now, but when I picked up Game of Thrones (in I think 2001?) I was skeptical. That was an awful lot of small print. And it started slow as shackles. But 100 pages in and I was hooked and reading obsessively. The series became my favorite and then to have a quality television series (and not some hack production like the attempt at turning the Earthsea trilogy into film) is basically a shy nerd boy’s dream.

I was ambivalent about this season though. I wanted to confront the future of the story in the books. But now, in most respects, the tv show is ahead of the written word. And i’m enjoying the show more than I ever have before. I always enjoyed the tv show, but up until now i’ve known the gist of the story and it’s an entirely different experience to be going in blind. And it’s quite fun to let go and experience a story with twists and turns that I don’t know (and in many cases can’t predict).

And that’s all. Really there is nothing unique or new to say about Game of Thrones. Just sharing my shit on value of unspoiled experience. We need some music. So how about some Polvo.

Xiu Xiu – Audrey’s Dance

Yesterday, Jennifer’s daughter won a special award at her high school. So we need something simple and delightful to celebrate with. So why not Xiu Xiu covering┬ásome Twin Peaks music?