The night of 1,000 degrees

Someone once challenged me:

Would you rather drive to work, and walk to the woods, or walk to work and drive to the woods?

For me, especially at the time, the answer was easy: walk to the woods. The woods are my forever home – so long as we protect them at least. I have fond memories from my days of living in the woods. I liked when I’d be pooping and looking at our bathroom window (which happened to run from the floor to ceiling) and a black bear would be walking by. That’s a sweet experience. And nothing beat walking from home to a lovely roadless section along the Clarion River (which happened to feature a nice swimming hole) without crossing a road.

Later, I ended up in Pittsburgh, enjoying the city life. I was still close to some small woods (eg. Frick Park) which were nice for city parks. And after a couple of rough years, reveled in the wonders of small city life. And that’s what this song from Air Waves emotes for me. For whatever reason, I instantly get drawn into some of the many wonderful summer nights i’ve enjoyed, particularly with my wife, living up the city scene. And it’s quite wonderful.

Air Waves has quickly become one of my favorite bands. The song just hits the right mood and the lyrics appeal to how I experience life – always evoking moments and thoughts and memories.

My answer hasn’t really changed in regards to whether I’d walk to the woods or to work. But I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to live up the benefits of the urban life for a while. And I’m thankful that Air Waves helps to recall such lovely times through their rather simple, direct melodic sounds.