Taiwan Housing Project – Maintenance of an Application

Taiwan Housing Project is one of my favorite bands to come out with material in recent years. Just really damned good and interesting music. It makes me wake up every time I hear. Stop what i’m doing. And listen. Seriously, buy this 7″

Saqqara Mastabas – Uto on the Upswing

Well, hey, check out this good weirdness. Matthew Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces) and Bob D’Amico (Sebadoh) bring it with this new single from their new project Saqqara Mastabas. Their album Libras is coming out soon via¬†Joyful Noise Recordings.

Holypalms – Nath Family Tribute/King Cobra Bride

Good morning. Welcome to a new week! Let’s launch this with something inspiring and just plain awesome. Holypalms is the effort of Pavel Eremeev. Eremeev is from Moscow and describes his work as “electro-noise-raga.” Which is helpful since I wasn’t sure how to describe it.

“Tribute to Snake Charmers Music” is my own vision of traditional melodies of the music performed by the caste of snake charmers from India and Nepal. I have imbued these sounds and it somehow entered into my guitar improvisation, and then I developed them, inventing rhythms and background sounds.” – Pavel Eremeev 2015

There isn’t much more to say. This, I believe, is his second release. Listen in via Tenzenmen’s bandcamp page below.