Working forward while living through misery…

I’m having trouble being constructive. On one hand, I’m frequently miserable due to my health issues. On the other hand, I’m highly distracted from my own routine by the effort to end systemic racism in this country. I’m limited in what I can do due to health so I’m doing my best to raise visibility online. When I can. Because Black Lives Matter more than my own comfort. 

But, its hard to press forward when I’m so miserable like I am today. On Friday we moved another air conditioner into place due to one being broken. Yesterday was bad. But today is worse. I cant do that kind of activity without major repercussions. I seriously just want to go to bed and fall asleep and try to miss the day. 

On the recovery front, I had an MRI and completed my sleep study. The MRI results showed nothing of concern. So, based on earlier blood tests it seems I might have an issue due to low testosterone levels. And I thought that might be a good thing. Alas, I was prescribed meds for it but the insurance company has held them up. So know instead of taking a medication that should help me for the last several days, I’m simply waiting for the ok to take a medication that should help me. And I’m miserable. Thanks Obama. Seriously, fuck our health insurance system.

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