Mecca Normal – Invisible Girl / Incredible

Sorry for the quiet. Here and there I will disappear for bursts into the life that I live. Mecca Normal is one of my all time favorite bands. Politically and poetically inspirational and writing music for 30 years plus now. And here is a glimpse of them from a practice recording two new songs. The first track reminds me a bit of something off of Water Cuts My Hands while the latter makes me think of something off of Who Shot Elvis?

Hopefully you enjoyed that. I found it mesmerizing. More from me soon(ish)…

Richard Thompson – Blackleg Miner (trad.)

I have a general fondness for the roots of music as a tool for political education and organization. And I naturally support the right of workers to organize for better wages and working conditions. Some complain about unions while ignoring how the institutions themselves organize into manufacturing associations (and other organizations) and use their collective wealth to leverage the laws and power over their workers. It’s completely fair for workers to have the right to organize in return, to leverage their strength in concert with one another. Anyhow, here is a traditional English folk song on scab (aka “blackleg”) miners. Performed by Richard Thompson, the song probably dates to the 19th or possibly early 20th century.

David Rovics – We Are Everywhere

Last night’s post about the radical political board game Bloc by Bloc got me to thinking I should post some thematically fittingĀ music this morning. So why not something from political singer-songwriter David Rovics. I will do a more detailed post on David in the future. Enjoy the music.