Chemtrails – Deranged

This popped in my feed this morning and it really suited my mood well. Uplifting non-abrasive garage poppy punk. This is from the Chemtrails’ upcoming EP Headless Pin Up Girl. The full EP will be worth checking out.

Taiwan Housing Project – Maintenance of an Application

Taiwan Housing Project is one of my favorite bands to come out with material in recent years. Just really damned good and interesting music. It makes me wake up every time I hear. Stop what i’m doing. And listen. Seriously, buy this 7″

Sugar Kane – Dancing with a Fire

I believe this was another of the bands from our trip down Indonesia lane. Very Mudhoney. Is this a cover? I don’t know off hand but it would fit.

American Anymen – Selectively Stupid

This song is truly awesome. I’m happy to have been introduced to American Anymen. Some food for thought the day after our Independence Day. In case you want to navel gaze on the state of our country. I’ll dig deeper into the catalog this week to hear more and share what I discover.

American Anymen – Selectively Stupid from American Anymen on Vimeo.


JuliaWhy? – Painkiller

Good day. So, my fault but i failed to figure out how to get into the building for the holiday radio show. So no radio show last night. But today is a new day and i’m all ready to go for next week.

Apparently we got a new JuliaWhy? cd in at the station and it’s pretty good music. Here is a snippet from last year’s “Wheel” lp. And keep an ear out for their new lp sometime soon.