Rancho Relaxo – If You Want To

I’m intrigued by this band’s music, but i’m also completely distracted by the idea that a Norwegian band is named in Spanglish. Does that seem as weird and awesome to everyone else? Well, probably not of much importance.

Rancho Relaxo is a bit shoegaze, a bit indie rock. This song actually calls back a bit of Roger Waters’ era Pink Floyd in my mind. This is off of their 2015 LP “White Light Fever”. I recommend listening to more when you have the time. It is in fact well worth your time.

Nothing – Eaten By Worms

Once again we return state-side for some Philadelphia shoe gazers. The band Nothing is a bit heavier and deeper with their sound than the Italian bands I just posted.  They can sound a bit too alt-rocky at first glance, but this song really got to me and I think they are worth more than a casual listen. Be patient with it as it matures.

One track or album doesn’t do them proper justice. Check out “Downward Years to Come” from the same-titled EP:

OK, one more track from Nothing. That sounds profound and it kind of is. This New Order tribute is worth checking out.

Kimono Lights – Aurora

Since we are on the subject of Italian shoegazey music, this song really grew on me fast. The video itself seems to recall elements of Smells Like Teen Spirit with the dancing images.

They have much more for you and yours on bandcamp. “Give Me” features that pretty pop to noisy shoegaze thing pretty well.

EP Highlight: JAMBOX – Spleen EP

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When it comes to new music from 2016, this is so far one of my favorites. Jambox is from Turin, Italy. This EP really grooves. It’s shoegaze indie rock. Sometimes I really struggle to describe music. OK, maybe all the time. But here is the thing, this is good music. Worth sharing. Let them describe their own EP:

“Spleen” wants to communicate the sense of anxiety, anguish and alienation that is the result of modern life monotony. The music is characterized by heavily distorted dreaming guitars, a strong rythmic section and almost-spoken vocals.

After giving it a listen, visit their bandcamp page and buy some of it!

Elenin – Kalam

Good morning. More amazing shoegaze indie from Indonesia. This collective band formed just last year in Jakarta features Whistler Post member Andi Hans. Both bands are on Don’t Fade Away Records. Just listen and enjoy. You can find them via their soundcloud and twitter. They do have a website but I can’t get it to load. I was able to confirm with the band that they’ll be posting some music for purchase/download in a couple of weeks. So check back for an update.

Whistler Post – Closer

Sorry for the quiet week. Big events are somehow exhausting. But well damn this is good. Shoegaze indie rock from Indonesia. In fact, it seems like I’ve been coming across lots of good stuff from Indonesia lately. And this really delivers.

It seems that the best place to track down their existential experience is via their twitter.

Tribes of the City – unknown version, forgotten dream, from recipe of the golden dream

So, like most audiophiles I imagine, I discover new music from all kinds of sources. One of those that I recently came across is this facebook shoegaze group. If you like shoegaze of any kind it’s worth checking out. I tend to forget where I discover things but I believe this track came via that group. And if not, you should still check out that group. Of course. In any case, Tribes of the City from Riga, Latvia.

If this track isn’t your thing, and it does get a bit spacey for bits of time, I do recommend digging deeper into their catalog. Here is an older track which is a sweet indie thing.

Pinkshinyultrablast – Umi/Holy Forest

Bear with this one. Some poppy shoegaze from Saint Petersburg. And yes, I feel obligated to emit this pink shiny ultrablast to my lovely girlfriend Jen. Who may or may not be looking.