The Raincoats – Live @ WFMU

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Thinking on early lady punkers. The Raincoats were pretty great. Here they are playing live on WFMU in 1994. Apparently the day after Kurt Cobain, who was a fan, died. They have toured extensively including with LiliPUT whom I just posted about.

The Raincoats originally formed in 1977 while Ana da Silva and Gina Burch were attending Hornsey College of Art in London. Check out The Raincoats website for albums and such. State-side you can get their self-titled record on vinyl via Kill Rock Stars.

Rainbow Reservoir – Coco Sleeps Around

I have a bit of an abiding love for Odd Box Records.  The latest and greatest from the London label is this single for “Coco Sleeps Around” from an upcoming 7″ featuring Rainbow Reservoir.

Super catchy stuff right? If you like that, definitely check out more of the rainbow reservoir. They have an EP up on their bandcamp page that you can listen to and/or download until your Odd Box 7″ arrives.

Let’s triple down on the reservoir of rainbows and some Americana.