The journaling is supposed to help with the mental health challenges of struggling against a disability during a pandemic. But this past week, no amount of journaling (or lexapro) probably would have changed it. After struggling against something for so long it is very hard to keep a positive hopeful outlook on things.

For my part, I havent been journaling because i felt too down to journal. Kind of a catch 22 there. So I’m going to try to re-start with this and re-gain some of the lost momentum.

I think that doing board game videos was one way with which I could manage some positive outlook. But we havent been doing them as much. Jen is super busy with work. And I’m depressed and unmotivated. Also, i havent been logging my fatigue but I think it may be worse than it was before. Or maybe that is just the fatigue/depression combo.

But I made my phone calls today to keep treatment plans and testing moving.  And Ive been solo playing small card games as much as I can stand sitting at the table. And so it is. Just 2 months until my next blood letting.

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