Sugar Kane – Dancing with a Fire

I believe this was another of the bands from our trip down Indonesia lane. Very Mudhoney. Is this a cover? I don’t know off hand but it would fit.

LeftyFish – Code Name: Mosquito

Time to stop with all of this melancholy stuff. Some horns and some noise. Ranging from God is My Co-Pilot styles to Boredoms experimentation to metal riffs, this song from LeftyFish is just great. Glorious kinds of great.

Be sure to check out the rest of their You, Fish! EP and not just track. All kinds of goodness. LeftyFish hails from Yogyakarta. So this is more Indonesian fun. Here they are live from the Nevada Cafe. Indulge yourself!

Elenin – Kalam

Good morning. More amazing shoegaze indie from Indonesia. This collective band formed just last year in Jakarta features Whistler Post member Andi Hans. Both bands are on Don’t Fade Away Records. Just listen and enjoy. You can find them via their soundcloud and twitter. They do have a website but I can’t get it to load. I was able to confirm with the band that they’ll be posting some music for purchase/download in a couple of weeks. So check back for an update.

Whistler Post – Closer

Sorry for the quiet week. Big events are somehow exhausting. But well damn this is good. Shoegaze indie rock from Indonesia. In fact, it seems like I’ve been coming across lots of good stuff from Indonesia lately. And this really delivers.

It seems that the best place to track down their existential experience is via their twitter.