A few good days…

…is all I ask for. This week has been one of my most brutal weeks. Things were relatively stressful late last week. And I did carry down an ac unit from the attic. So I guess those might have contributed. I think in actuality dipping T levels are probably partially to blame. Whatever the case, these last few days have been absolutely terrible. 

But there is hope. Today is started my testosterone treatment. We know levels are low and fatigue is a common outcome. It doesn’t seem based on my reading that the low testosterone levels could explain it all. But they certainly should help but it could take weeks or months from what we’ve read.

My sleep study results came back and my doctor wants me to do one on site to rule out any concerns there. I dislike the idea of sleeping there but Ill do it of course. Gotta cover all the bases.

Nothing really else to report. Obviously, having a brutal week is bad on the state of my mind. I try to keep upbeat but I’ve basically been couch or bed bound all week. Hopefully most everyone else is having better times.

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