Freschard – Friends

I really like this band. Discovered them for myself earlier this year but they have a new album coming out in September. This first song hits all the right emotional and musical tones. It’s delightful. Good reflective Sunday listening.

Guts Club – Whale Legs

Matt turned me on to the fine folks of Guts Club. It’s some Be Good Tanyas with an edge shit and it’s great. So keep those Whale Legs beneath you and listen. You can read more via Tiny Mix Tapes.

Night Auditor – Cane Sugar

This isn’t at all what I typically expect from Folktale Records, but it’s great. Funky, catchy, and light. Check out this new Drugz 7″ from Night Auditor. I’ll keep this post brief like my other recent posts. Let the music talk.

Katie Dey – fear o the light

The first single from Katie Dey’s forthcoming lp is just fantastic. Gives us hope that August will be all right. Album is due out August 12 via Joy Void Recordings.

American Anymen – Selectively Stupid

This song is truly awesome. I’m happy to have been introduced to American Anymen. Some food for thought the day after our Independence Day. In case you want to navel gaze on the state of our country. I’ll dig deeper into the catalog this week to hear more and share what I discover.

American Anymen – Selectively Stupid from American Anymen on Vimeo.