Rancho Relaxo – If You Want To

I’m intrigued by this band’s music, but i’m also completely distracted by the idea that a Norwegian band is named in Spanglish. Does that seem as weird and awesome to everyone else? Well, probably not of much importance.

Rancho Relaxo is a bit shoegaze, a bit indie rock. This song actually calls back a bit of Roger Waters’ era Pink Floyd in my mind. This is off of their 2015 LP “White Light Fever”. I recommend listening to more when you have the time. It is in fact well worth your time.

Broncho – Señora Borealis

Sticking with some psychedelic influences, Oklahoma’s Broncho really delivers on this new video for their song Señora Borealis.

Their new album “Double Vanity” is set to be released in July via Dine Alone Records. They aren’t a psychedelic band per se but have generally strong garage rock influences as with the track below:

One more thing. They also ca be a bit poppy. This very 80s style song and video for example. I love 80s music but I don’t love this. Maybe it would grow on me. It’s certainly catchy. In any case, judge for yourself.

Their Only Dreams – Calculator in the Sky/Cool Crowd

Hailing from LA, Their Only Dreams is an interesting band. They range from psychedelic pop to some admittedly weird indie rock stuff. They released their “T/O/D – Orb 1” EP in February with this poppy psychedelic bit.

They self-label as post-rock and can indeed be a bit funky at times. Here is a sampling from their “Pop Tart” LP.