Sad13 – Less Than 2

I’m a big fan of Speedy Ortiz front lady Sadie Dupuis. Besides making good music, she’s an overall inspiring artist and feminist. Her latest project is a solo music project Sad13. In any case, this video is well worth your time on many fronts. Also, an interview with Sadie. And here she picks some of her favorite music on bandcamp.

Bad Moves – Shitty Tomorrow

Going through some recent bandcamp e-mails this morning. This tune form Bad Moves came in via Don Giovanni. Seems to fit in. Hopefully though tomorrow isn’t so shitty.

Earth Girls – For Granted

Hey, look at that. The Earth Girls first full length LP is out today! And it’s good. A fine powder of power indie pop. Available on red vinyl if you please. This track is “For Granted” and I enjoyed.

Kimono Lights – Aurora

Since we are on the subject of Italian shoegazey music, this song really grew on me fast. The video itself seems to recall elements of Smells Like Teen Spirit with the dancing images.

They have much more for you and yours on bandcamp. “Give Me” features that pretty pop to noisy shoegaze thing pretty well.

Broncho – Señora Borealis

Sticking with some psychedelic influences, Oklahoma’s Broncho really delivers on this new video for their song Señora Borealis.

Their new album “Double Vanity” is set to be released in July via Dine Alone Records. They aren’t a psychedelic band per se but have generally strong garage rock influences as with the track below:

One more thing. They also ca be a bit poppy. This very 80s style song and video for example. I love 80s music but I don’t love this. Maybe it would grow on me. It’s certainly catchy. In any case, judge for yourself.

Whistler Post – Closer

Sorry for the quiet week. Big events are somehow exhausting. But well damn this is good. Shoegaze indie rock from Indonesia. In fact, it seems like I’ve been coming across lots of good stuff from Indonesia lately. And this really delivers.

It seems that the best place to track down their existential experience is via their twitter.

Rainbow Reservoir – Coco Sleeps Around

I have a bit of an abiding love for Odd Box Records.  The latest and greatest from the London label is this single for “Coco Sleeps Around” from an upcoming 7″ featuring Rainbow Reservoir.

Super catchy stuff right? If you like that, definitely check out more of the rainbow reservoir. They have an EP up on their bandcamp page that you can listen to and/or download until your Odd Box 7″ arrives.

Let’s triple down on the reservoir of rainbows and some Americana.