The People’s Summit

When it comes to politics, most of my political posts around these parts will be less about electoral politics and more about working for social change. I’m a progressive, a social democrat (not a Democratic Party Democrat though i’m registered as one for voting purposes), and most of all a tree hugger. So when time permits I will share my thoughts on the plight of Eastern Hemlock-Northern Hardwood forests.

But, for today, the message is simple. I believe in principles. And it’s principles that guide my decisions on activism. It should not be particularly surprisingly to know that i’m disappointed in the primaries that were held yesterday, on April 26. I wanted Bernie Sanders to win. I wanted Fetterman or Sestak to win. I wanted more and better progressives working to help make America a better place for all Americans and the immigrants and refugees that need a respite. Just so it’s clear, i’m not a nationalist, and yet I am. We are part of a global community anymore, but I also believe in my country. So let that be as it must be.

Let me at least share this. If you are a Bernie Sanders supporter, by all means, continue the struggle to see how much influence we can win. And look forward to the many Berniecrats running in local and state elections all across the country.  And check out The People’s Summit planned for Chicago in June. The struggle for change is a novel of epic proportions and the newest chapter is just beginning.

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