Starving Artists Card Game

I am a bit of a board game collector. I also play them, but I clearly sometimes just buy games because they are cool. And these days, lots of board games make their way into production via kickstarter. This Starving Artists card game looks pretty good.

Now, I already have a pretty damned great looking visual arts board game called The Gallerist. But this one is tempting. Besides playing fairly quickly (40-60 minutes) and including a solo play option (1 to 4 players) for those rainy, lonely nights (queue Barbara Manning’s Isn’t Lonely Lovely), it has a neat option for producing your own custom cards for the game:

Using the following two tools, you can create your own canvas cards to including in your copy of Starving Artists.  They let you upload your own pictures, set the title and artist, drag and drop paint locations, and give a canvas its own value in food, stars and paint.

This is really neat functionality if you have your own art, or even better, your kid’s art that you want to have in the game. The game itself is reasonably priced at $29 including shipping and there are 20 days left on the kickstarter campaign. I cannot speak to the quality of game play just yet. I still have to watch a gameplay video myself, though these folks liked it:

I like that review for it’s brevity. This one is longer, but I appreciated the entertaining intro in particular.

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