EP Highlight: JAMBOX – Spleen EP

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When it comes to new music from 2016, this is so far one of my favorites. Jambox is from Turin, Italy. This EP really grooves. It’s shoegaze indie rock. Sometimes I really struggle to describe music. OK, maybe all the time. But here is the thing, this is good music. Worth sharing. Let them describe their own EP:

“Spleen” wants to communicate the sense of anxiety, anguish and alienation that is the result of modern life monotony. The music is characterized by heavily distorted dreaming guitars, a strong rythmic section and almost-spoken vocals.

After giving it a listen, visit their bandcamp page and buy some of it!

Broncho – Señora Borealis

Sticking with some psychedelic influences, Oklahoma’s Broncho really delivers on this new video for their song Señora Borealis.

Their new album “Double Vanity” is set to be released in July via Dine Alone Records. They aren’t a psychedelic band per se but have generally strong garage rock influences as with the track below:

One more thing. They also ca be a bit poppy. This very 80s style song and video for example. I love 80s music but I don’t love this. Maybe it would grow on me. It’s certainly catchy. In any case, judge for yourself.