promising day…

Today was promising. Except for a few hours in the afternoon, I was fatigue free. I did have some general tiredness. And my mind is a bit scrambled today. I think the changes in my body are promising but messing with me a little too. Still, today was a blessing. Yesterday was the lowest of lows for me. 

So what is next? I have some doctors appointments in the next two days. If I wake up tomorrow without fatigue I see no reason not to return to work. Then its just a matter of working on my conditioning. I am so ridiculously out of shape. It’s been too difficult to walk. I don’t think I’ve walked more than 1/2 mile (in a day!) without repercussions for months. 

And if all goes as planned, more board game reviews, music posts, and perhaps even some music creation. So much ahead of me if I can find and maintain reasonably good health. 

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