Mitski – Happy / Your Best American Girl

Today is a big day in our neck of the woods with Jen’s son getting married. And what better way to bring in the day than to post some new music from Mitski’s new album Puberty 2. And getting married is sort of like puberty 2 right? In any case, congrats to Tyler and Jen! In your honor, Mitski…

Just the thought of new music from Mitski makes me happy. But wow, this is really good in a totally new way.

Mitski is the product of Mitski Miyawaki and friends (in this case largely Patrick Hyland). I loved her last album, Bury my Heart at Makeout Creek, and so far i’m loving the new content from Puberty 2. And yes her album titles seem to naturally flow from one to the next. Regardless we should be thankful for her incredible inspiring music.

And while we are at it, here is the official video for her other new single “Your Best American Girl”. Puberty 2 is due out on June 17th on Dead Oceans.

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