suffering within a suffering world

12pm. Wednesday. April 15.

I just posted an hour ago, but I’m reaching in to add this.  My morning got off to a good start. I had set my mind to trimming my beard and showering before I went to bed last night. Therefore I was able to adrenaline myself through my initial morning tasks. I was slow to rise, but I pushed through. Now I’m quite fatigued. But I feel like I’m off to a good start. 

11pm. Wednesday. April 15.

Today was overall a good day. But I basically was couch ridden by 4pm and barely moved from that spot. I did a laundry swap around 6pm and that was enough. I came back from it in really bad shape. Just very fatigued. I pushed through a zoom call with the kids. That was lovely, but I did struggle with my focus a bit. I feel bad about that. I love them so much. It was lovely to get that quality time. Even if they poo pooed our background rotations and failed to pay to have a goat or llama on the call. PONY UP PEOPLE.

I’m lucky in this life to have people around me that I love dearly. But these are hard times. And there are many people are suffering in greater quantities. It’s hard to read about. It’s heard to talk about. It’s hard to imagine a way out for so many. Be well world. Be well.

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