Initially and the thereafter…

This post was from yesterday morning. It did not publish for some reason.

It has been a few days since Ive written. And Ive learned some things about my fatigue and the blood letting in the thereafter. Last Tuesday I went through my first rite of blood letting (and no – I will never refer to it as anything other than blood letting). 

Wednesday was incredible. Except for a few hours in the afternoon, which were fixed through rest, I was fatigue free. Now the fatigue was heavy when it occurred. So that was a negative. But it had been a long while since I’d had so little fatigue in a day. It felt like heaven.

Thursday was brutal. Heavy fatigue. Very tired. Exactly what you’d expect. And the fatigue continued into and through the weekend.

However, I was actually quite active for a couple of those days. Friday I had a very high step count. The kind of step count that usually meant major suffering. I did some cleaning in the attic. I even carried some loads of books (no more than 8 at a time) upstairs as part of a re-shelving plan.  I even had a zoom gaming session where we played Detective – A Modern Crime Game. Side Note: This is serious fun.

And not surprisingly, on Saturday, I was heavily fatigued. But I managed a bunch of games – though mostly quick ones. And while my step count was low – it wasn’t abysmally low. So I had a productive day despite the fatigue. So my energy wasn’t entirely drained.

Now Sunday, I remained fatigued, but not quite as much. I managed two zoom sessions with family plus games. I managed a normal amount of steps as well. 

And this morning, it is early, but I am not fatigued as of yet. I can feel some early signs that it is likely coming – but this is better than I have any right to feel. Don’t get me wrong. I’m totally sapped. But I think Ill get a few things done today. I feel my brain power will be particularly low. Well see about that. But this beats full on fatigue all the time. So I feel there are some mid-term benefits here that are most likely due to the blood letting. But it also seems clear that my doctors are right and that there are multiple factors impacting my fatigue. As it certainly persists.

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