biding time…

Another two days. Another two days of fatigue. With that said, I generally continue to see enough energy to be productive. However, it occurs to me this may partially be due to the fact that I limited my activity last week. With activity back in a low range, that might have left energy to tap into.  Anyhow, here is a quick recap.

On Monday, my fatigue wasn’t too bad in terms of achiness, but I was exhausted all day. It never really hurts but most of the time I am tired and my body is achy. Then on days like Monday, I have minimal achiness but I’m still completely sapped. This means I am limited in what I can do – both physically and especially mentally.

Yesterday was a typical day. Lots of fatigue. But I managed to push through a bunch of it and get some stuff done. I wouldn’t say it was a highly productive day – but it wasn’t one of those days where I managed nothing.

Today, I am doing ok. But Ive got the achy fatigue factor and my back is starting to kill me. I just don’t have much core strength right now. And I cant do the work I need to to get it back. So in time I will, but that means I have to watch and not overdo it. Which I almost certainly have today. Despite the achy fatigue I have managed to get a lot done – mostly sorting through bills and such.

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